Silencio, por favor

As an avid reader, I look for books to read everywhere. My find this weekend was Ward Larsen’s “Assassin’s Silence” left at a hotel inAtlanta. Now, normally I am attracted to romance novels; however something about the jacket read of this book entrigued me. So far, halfway in, I haven’t been disappointed. While reading,  a paragraph at the beginning of chapter twenty- five grabbed me. It said, ” Not all the world’s silence is of the same character. A calm ocean differs from a windless prairie. A vacant office is not the same as a child’s bedroom. Manifestation aside, there is but one certainty: silence is never so elusive as when it is sought.”

Silence, quiet… always available, always present. A gift and a curse. I guess what it is seen as depends on the level of noise in your mind. Stormy minds seek solace, refuge. Whereas inactive minds seek to fill the void. The silence of one is different from the silence of many. A companionable silence differs greatly from the silence following a lovers quarrel. It all depends on the state of mind at the time of the silence. Sometimes it is hard to find silence when looking for it until it finds you.



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