Obsolete oblivion

Mimeograph, 8-track, phonograph, phones with cords, typewriter? Yep, you guessed it , items that have long been obsolete and replaced by more efficient things to ease our lives… I guess. However, have you ever stopped to consider the things that will quickly join the Hall of Obselete Fame?  I learned today that my-six-year-old daughters have no idea what a disposable camera is. When presented with one, they were perplexed as to how to work it and what the purpose was of having a “camera” that could not instantly produce pictures like a phone or digital camera. They quickly tired of the nuance of the object and discarded it for serving no immediate purpose for them. In a mind-halt moment, I realized I wanted the pace of life to slow down. The hustle and bustle, the immediacy, the getting to the next step mindset that makes us tire of the good and stable for the new and faster.


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