The Revenant

Slight spoiler alert if you haven’t seen it! I apologize.

The movie, The Revenant, was released in 2015; however, not being a real movie-goer, I am just seeing it. I started watching it in the middle (not that it matters, its 3 hours long) and was glued to the story. To my husband’s utmost disgust, I caught up with its beginning elements by asking him questions as we watched.  Anyway, long story short…. a man, Leonardo Dicaprio, was left to raise his son alone after his wife was killed by an army of soldiers. He became a guide to a group of fur traders, but was left for dead by the group after being attacked by a bear. One man from the group also killed his son. Somehow, Lord knows I wouldn’t have, he survived and avenged the death of his son and the atrocities committed against him.

The word revenant means: a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead. Applying to the movie because this man was all but dead; yet, he through sheer will and determination managed to heal, find the bad men and right the wrongs.

However, what I am stuck on is the definition of revenant. Was it a good thing or not? He’s alive, but he is still dead. All that matters to him is lost. Was there anything  left alive but sweet vengeance? What does he do now? I was left open, raw, and wanting at the movie’s end. Was that the director’s purpose?



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