The Earl


The Earl

A short story

I was first introduced to The Earl during grad school. We shared a mutual friend. He would show up sometimes when we had weekend classes to keep her company. Our interactions were brief and fleeting; yet, for me unforgettable. He had a long-lasting effect and smelled sooo good!

Not long after that, I ran into The Earl at the grocery store. I flirted with the idea of becoming more acquainted with him and before I could change my mind I jumped right in. We shared many a night and some mornings, too. The Earl and I. Me and The Earl. He made me feel so good, so comforted.

 I took a chance, a wild chance now that I look back on it, and introduced him to my husband. I explained to him that I wanted to bring The Earl into our lives. He was hesitate at first, and rightly so, as it was a big change for him but he wanted to make me happy. Slowly, he became involved and was soon all in. We had some times, us three! Some nights, as well.

 I soon discovered that my husband and The Earl had their own relationship and I had been left out. Those two had excluded me from what was supposed to be our special thing and now here I was on the outskirts looking in on their special relationship. I did not know how to feel since it was I who had introduced them. So I sat by and let it happen. My relationship with The Earl started to fizzle as there was nothing left of him for me. I turned to others as replacements.

Well, their thing didn’t last long as my husband came to me one day and shared that he couldn’t do it anymore. That he had started feeling bad with The Earl and that he had to end what they had started. I was sad because I never gave up hope that I could once again be included in the group, but oh well. The Earl and I was able to slowly resume our relationship and my husband didn’t mind, but the memories of the three of us would forever live on. Too much of a good thing can be too much. I now realize Earl Grey tea is to be consumed wisely and in moderation as with all things in life! Namaste



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