What is it? Is it good or bad to be strong. Right now, I am not so sure. Normally, I would think of myself with great strength in all areas as would others of me. But there are times when I don’t feel so strong and need the comfort of others and they just don’t see it because they don’t expect me to need it. I do, I really do. I need to be checked on and not be the checker, I need others to look at me and say your mouth may say one thing, but I know you aren’t fine. I need to know it is ok to have weak moments and not have to be strong and that there will be people receptive to it. I am tired of being told this is what you should do instead of being asked what can I do for you or by golly, novel idea, someone just doing it without having to be asked to. Past messages I have received is that it is not ok to show vulnerability, but … Yeah, I’m venting and through venting I will find my strength again. Namaste


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