Forever Friends

Already I miss you…

I pick up the phone to call you, to tell you something, to share something with you, sometimes just to see how you were doing. Often you would be busy, but you eventually you would get back to me, calling me the name meant just for me. My last attempt at contact with you will now forever be unanswered because you are no longer there. I wasn’t ready…It was too soon…! You had just shared words of hope with me and I jumped on board on that road of encouragement from second opinions; but no, the first doctor was right of which we now have overwhelming evidence.

I thank you my friend for the season we shared – our laughs, our thoughts, our joys, our sorrows. I know, you know, we know what each was to the other and for that I am forever thankful. My dear friend, I am glad you are not in any more pain as you have underwent the most ultimate of healings through His will.

I just wanted to tell you that I missed you…


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