White Woman’s Disease

As an avenue of healing, I wrote a story detailing one of the most traumatic periods of my life. This is one story of many in a book entitled Lessons in Living: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary God . Available on Amazon .


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The Perception of Children

My six-year-old daughter announced to me today that I work for her!. When asked how she came to that conclusion, she replied that I had to feed her, clothe her, and do things for her. I asked her for my paycheck since I worked for her….Still waiting

It Sparked Me!

Today I saw a church sign as I was driving around trying to find an office. The sign said ” Honk, if you love Jesus! Text if you want to meet him!” How profound! Since…at that very¬†moment I had my phone in my hand looking at GPS to find my way out of West Hell! Weigh in and tell of your profound experience.